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“Tasting sport means tasting life. Breathe in the fresh air, feel your heart beat, feel sweat on your skin or simply enjoy sport! Whether you want to push yourself, give everything for your team or just have fun. Celebrate every moment, even if it’s a struggle sometimes. This is what we call “The Taste of Sport” and PowerBar is there to inspire and fuel you whenever you need it.”


About PowerBar:

Our goal. Our passion. Our mission.

PowerBar was created by athletes, for athletes. We started PowerBar® to help athletes reach their goals by providing nutrition tools for optimum athletic performance.  All of our products are backed by decades of leading-edge sports nutrition science and innovation and always live up to our highest standards. We aim to meet the nutrition and energy needs of all athletes, from world-class champions and dedicated amateurs to beginners and those who just want to improve. We believe that when you push yourself harder, you get stronger. And in order to gain that strength, you need the right energy to push through boundaries, to see what you’re made of. You’re Stronger Than You Think™.


At PowerBar, we believe in you.

We believe in your passion. Very few athletes know what they are really capable of. It’s only by pushing beyond our limits that we realise we can do even more. At PowerBar, we are driven. Driven by a passion to constantly go further. To go even faster. And to keep improving our performance. We supply the energy for you to make the impossible a reality. Because we believe in you. You’re stronger than you think.


Giving up? We’re not familiar with the concept.

PowerBar is run by athletes, for athletes. PowerBar was created with one goal in mind – to provide athletes with the best sports nutrition possible. This is the only way to achieve top performance and continuous improvement. For more than 25 years we’ve worked non-stop to develop even better products, always based on the latest scientific findings. We serve both world-class pros and ambitious amateur athletes. Because they all have one thing in common: they want to improve and to exceed their limits. To do this, they need energy. And that’s what we provide.