Redshift – Quick-Release Aerobars – S-Bend

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Quick Overview

Redshift’s Quick-Release Aerobars are different than any other aerobars on the market. The patent-pending quick-release mechanism allows you to attach or remove the aerobars in a few seconds, without any tools. You can choose the best setup for every single ride.

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  • Quick-release mechanism allows you to attach or remove aerobars in a few seconds.
  • No tools required to remove or attach the aerobars.
  • Aerobars always attach in the same orientation.
  • Extensions are available in aluminum and carbon, as well as L-Bend or S-Bend shapes.
  • Secondary safety release mechanism prevents accidental release.
  • Massive adjustability lets you fine-tune your fit – height, extension length, armpad fore-aft, armpad width.
  • Along with the Redshift Dual-Position Seatpost, provides an optimized aero riding position on your road bike.

The Quick-Release Aerobar package contains the following:

  • Handlebar Clamps
  • Quick-Release Mechanisms
  • Aerobar Extensions, Armrest, and Armrest Pads
  • All required hardware


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