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The quintessential pack for carrying heavy loads while maintaining ride handling.

Highly versatile, the Backcountry Full Frame Pack was designed to carry big, heavy loads over long distances and across technical trails.

The full frame bag fits into the bike’s main triangle, providing a large space for bulky items — anything from cooking gear to heavy tools and a water bladder. The resulting low centre of gravity results in a bag that has minimal effect on handling while offering a high volume of storage space.

With a reinforced structure and internal straps for securing contents, the full frame bag is versatile enough to either fill the main triangle entirely or leave enough space for a bottle cage on the seat tube. The pack features a dual zip opening which allows easy access and full visibility of contents, while retaining the ability to open just the top zip for easy access while riding

To work out what size Frame Pack you need. The Apidura Frame Pack Sizing Guide has been produced to help you find the pack that fits best with your bike. Select your frame below to see which Apidura packs are compatible.

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Optimised for technical riding, singletrack and mountain trails, the Backcountry Series is built from ultralight, hard-wearing dual laminate constructions in profiles designed to excel on tough terrain. “Locally” this is the “Endurance” Gravel type range (Freedom Challenge, Munga, 1000 Miler, 100 Miler Series, etc.)


6 Liter Specifications

Dimension Sizing Diagram of the Apidura Backcountry full frame bag 6l in cm

4 Liter Specifications

Dimension Sizing Diagram of the Apidura Backcountry full frame bag 4l in cm

2,5 Liter Specifications

Dimension Sizing Diagram of the Apidura Backcountry full frame bag 2.5l in cm


The Backcountry Full Frame Pack is made from Dimension-Polyant VX21, a four-layer laminated fabric originally developed for the maritime industry and our proprietary 420D nylon; a rugged fabric made to our own exacting specifications for durability and waterproofing. Designed to fit the demands of off-road riding, these materials offer full waterproofing, light weight, low stretch, and high abrasion and tear resistance. Notably, it’s welded together at the seams, creating a watertight seal that ensures the frame bag remains completely waterproof.

The velcro straps are reinforced with Hypalon, a durable rubberised nylon that provides extra protection against friction and puncture in areas of high stress. For the fastening system, Woojin buckles are used for their reliability.


Wash The Backcountry Saddle Pack by hand, using a mild diluted soap if necessary. Afterwards, let it air dry.

Do not machine wash, machine dry, or iron.