SA Gravel Events

Gravel cycling, racing and or touring in South Africa is becoming more and more Popular. The principle of “Gravel Riding” is to maximize gravel roads and minimizing the use of tar roads. The weapon of choice could be a Gravel Bike, a CycleCross Bike or a Mountain Bike, the decision remains yours!

We focus on the three event categories that one could consider according to Gravel and Tour:

   1.) The 100 Miler  type rides & races (80km to 160km)

   2.) The Endurance type rides & races (160km to 550km) 

   3.)The Ultra Endurance types rides and races (550km to 2,400km)

During these testing Covid Times event dates move frequently and we will try to update as regular as we can. We will also add the web pages to these events in order for you to get redirected to the Event Organisers directly. We sharing our passion by sharing all known events to you as avid Gravel and Mountain Bike riders!

The 100 Miler  type rides & races (80km to 160km)

  • Karoo Burn ????




The Endurance type rides & races (160km to 550km)

  • Trans Baviaans

    • The Race (TB1)

    • The Ride (TB2)

  • The Massive Eastern Cape Passes 500 Challenge

      •  530km with a massive 10,560m of cumulative vertical ascent

  • The 36One

      • 361 km’s

  • The Munga Grit

    • Cape Grit

    • Gauteng Grit

  • Cullinan to Tonteldoos

  • TransXhariep

  • The Freedom Challenge shorter races:

    • Race to Rhodes

    • Race to Cradock

    • Race to Willowmore

    • Race to Paarl

The Ultra Endurance type rides and races (550km to 2,400km+):

  • The Munga

    • The Ultra Munga – 1100km

  • The Freedom Challenge

    • RASA – Race Across South Africa – 2400km

  • Massive Adventures & Tours

    • 1000 Miler  – Jo’burg to Cape Town

    • 1000 Miler – Cape Town to Jo’burg

    • 1000 Miler – Jo’burg to Plett

    • 2000 Miler – Jo’burg to Cape Town and back to Jo’burg

    • 2000 Miler – Cape Town to Jo’burg and back to Cape Town

The Munga

Massive Adventures

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