Dynamo Hub – The PD-8X – MUST GO!!! 100 & 110mm

Dynamo Hub – The PD-8X – MUST GO!!! 100 & 110mm

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R1,999.00 excl. VAT

Dynamo Hub: The PD-8X is the union of a precision 6V3W dynamo with the modern 15mm thru-axle(6 bolt or centerlock) disc specification …and the new acme of dynamo technology for “Xtreme” use. It is perfected integration of “bleeding edge” technology and muscular aesthetics. Yet the ultimate attainment of 8X remains its superior mechanical performance. Not only the most efficient in its class, the 8X is also the lightest in weight. With premium surface treatment and design, the 8X is gorgeous in motion and striking at standstill.


Impressive PD-8X

Creating a milestone in the dynamo world



The QR15 thru-axle hub is ideally suited to 26”/700C at 6V3W output and perfect for 6 bolt disc brake.
Technology should make life easier. PD-8X, a 6-bolt disc brake version of QR15 thru-axle, as an innovative hub is devised to render a clean and pure silhouette with a low weight and a sturdy construction. The meticulous design of PD-8X is able to withstand the hefty pressures produced by disc brakes while preserving a simple, clean and pure appearance.



Axle Type15mm thru-axle
Brake TypeDisc Brake
Spoke P.C.D(mm)58
Flange Diameter(mm)66
Max Hub Diameter(mm)59

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Boost 110mm, Non Boost 100mm


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