Igaro D2 Handlebar Mount

Igaro D2 Handlebar Mount

Original price was: R799.00.Current price is: R599.00. excl. VAT

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Original price was: R799.00.Current price is: R599.00. excl. VAT

Fit an Igaro D2 to any 31.8mm handlebars. Light-weight aluminium bracket with stainless fixings and rain skirt.



Aluminium mount with tough 3d-printed PET-G supports.

Stainless steel bolts.

Nylon rain-skirt with 3M sticker (protects the USB port and makes it easier to see the Igaro D2’s 3x LED’s).

40g total weight.



Step 1

Begin by choosing a position for the mount on the bicycle handlebar and orientating the two supports accordingly. The supports are reverseable to allow for placing the Igaro D2 on either side of the bracket. Place the Igaro D2 into the supports so that the top support is flush with the top of the Igaro D2 casing. Nip but don’t overtorque the bolts.

Step 2

Unpeal the white backing on the rain cover sticker and place centered over the bottom.

Step 3

Wrap the rain cover around pressing on the sides as you go. Towards the end any excess can be wrapped over.

Place the mount on the 31.8mm handlebar at such an angle as to allow rain water to run naturally to ground. Those running smaller 25.4mm diameter bars can make a suitable spacer using an old inner-tube or simila