Garmin inReach® Messenger 010-02672-01 Rental

Garmin inReach® Messenger 010-02672-01 Rental

From: R701.00 excl. VAT

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From: R701.00 excl. VAT


Renting Satellite Devices

This is ideal to communicate with your families if you do not have GSM or LTE reception. You could technically communicate via the Satellite network with Garmin Messenger if you are using the Garmin Products


We started a Satellite Tracking Device Rental company… Setting up and Renting Garmin’s and Spots….


Please shout if you want one that we can book one for you asap…


The costs are below – per event and depending on what the race organisers supply or don’t supply…


  • Garmin Subscription = R600 (it would be R1200 if you use your own device)
    • This cost is if you activate a device for the first time.


We make use of a few devices but prefer to use the Garmin Devices for various reasons. The Garmin Devices we recommend are:


  • Garmin In-reach Messenger = R100 per day rental
    • (Should you want to buy a device it is New R6,599 – we could also assist)


  • Garmin In-reach Mini 2 = R120 per day rental
    • (Should you want to buy a device it is New R8,799– we could also assist)


Map progress for some races such as Rhino Run or Munga are activated by the Race Organisers. There would therefore not be any costs as the once off costs are covered by the Race Organisers. Other races like the Bura 500, Sedgefield 500 or the 1000 Miler, you as individual needs to pay for the Map Progress subscription yourself.  This will be for your own account at approximately R500 per race… You would need the GPX file though to do so!


Summary of costs are:

  • Activation of New device once off R1200 (R600 activation and R600 for the month for 40 messages, other packages available)
  • Activation of already active device R600 per month or R82per month if already active
  • R100 to R150 per day (Travelling days also count)
  • Map Progress or other platforms = approximately RX (TBA) per event (if event Organisers does not manage this) if it is part of an event….. May vary…


What we would need to set-up a device on a route:

  • Device Model: e.g., Garmin Messenger & Serial Number & IMEI Number etc
  • Rider / Renter’s Name and Surname
  • Rider / Renter’s email address & cell phone number
  • Next of Kin 1 Name & Surname (+ Relationship)
  • Next of Kin 1 Cell phone Number
  • Next of Kin 2 Name & Surname (+ Relationship)
  • Next of Kin 2 Cell phone Number


Please shout if you have any questions regarding Satellite Tracking Device Rentals or if you wish to purchase a device …. You welcome to chat to Jack Black or +27823747273


Jack Black

+ 27823747273




If you’re venturing off the grid, this small, rugged satellite communicator1 goes beyond the limits of cellular networks to keep friends and family in reach with global two-way text messaging.

You can still connect to the ones who matter, even when there’s no cellphone coverage.

Pair your inReach device with the Garmin Messenger app on your compatible smartphone to text via satellite or cellular networks.

Need emergency assistance? Send an interactive SOS to our coordination center.

When you need to be sure, the on-device display confirms that your message has been sent.

Use check-in messages to easily check in with contacts as you travel.

Stay on your adventures longer with up to 28 days of battery life between recharges.



The Garmin Messenger app can sync with your compatible smartphone’s contacts list to make staying in touch even easier.


The inReach Messenger device’s high-end memory-in-pixel screen gives you the ability to confirm that messages have been sent, and you can even read responses right on the device.


Check in with contacts directly from the inReach Messenger by using check-in messages that do not count toward your allotted text messages with an active satellite subscription.


Remotely control your inReach Messenger device to send and receive text messages or trigger an interactive SOS using your compatible Garmin handhelds, marine equipment, aviation equipment, wearables or other select smart devices.


Get detailed weather updates on inReach Messenger or your paired compatible device. You can even request forecasts for your current location, other waypoints or destinations on your itinerary.


The TracBack® routing feature navigates you back to your starting point the same way you came, should you get lost — right on your device.


A simple user interface through the Garmin Messenger app on your smartphone makes it easy to exchange text messages with loved ones via satellite or cellular networks.


Optimized inReach messaging uses a cellular connection of your smartphone when it’s available, then it seamlessly switches to a 100% global Iridium® satellite network when you go beyond available cellular coverage range.


With the Garmin Messenger app, your inReach connection supports group message threading and distribution. So, you can share your adventures with multiple contacts simultaneously — and have group text chats with friends and family.


In case of emergency, trigger an interactive SOS message to Garmin ResponseSM, a 24/7 staffed emergency response coordination center.


Share your location with loved ones back home anytime by using your MapShare page or with your GPS coordinates embedded in your messages.


To access the global Iridium network and communicate with your inReach Messenger device, an active satellite subscription is required. You can opt for an annual package or a flexible month-to-month plan.


Don’t let the 7.8 x 6.4 cm (3.1″ x 2.5″) size and 114 g weight fool you. inReach Messenger is tough, durable, impact-resistant and water-rated to IPX7.


Need a backup option in case your compatible smartphone battery dies? Just connect inReach Messenger to your phone for enough safety charge to send a custom text message from the inReach Messenger device via your phone’s touchscreen.


The internal, rechargeable lithium battery gives you up to 28 days of battery life in 10-minute tracking mode, so you can do what you love longer between recharges.