SUPERNOVA M99 DY PRO (New Dynamo Light Technology)

SUPERNOVA M99 DY PRO (New Dynamo Light Technology)

Original price was: R9,250.00.Current price is: R7,999.00. excl. VAT

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Original price was: R9,250.00.Current price is: R7,999.00. excl. VAT

The ALL NEW SUPERNOVA M99 DY PRO is the world’s first dynamo-operated LED front light with high beam function and German road code approval. With its matrix of 11 LEDs and new control electronics, the new SUPERNOVA M99 DY PRO produces light values up to 1,000 lumens and 200 lux. Prior to this, only high-performance front lights for E-bikes could achieve such values. As a result, the classic mountain bike gains a stronger environmental focus as well as an equal level of safety in road traffic. Once installed, the headlight is completely maintenance-free. It can illuminate the way in front of you for years and its intensity is always optimally adapted to your speed. Within a fraction of a second of entering a tunnel, the headlight switches to a bright, dipped beam with a luminous flux up to 600 lumens.

The M99 DY Pro is not compatible with USB power supplies

• 1 x front light with cable
• 1 x high beam switch
• 1 x MSH-22 high beam switch bracket
• 5 x cable ties


The first manufacturer, Supernova launched a legally approved high beam for bicycles. The high beam is one of the most important innovations in the bicycle lighting industry since the new German road code legislation. The high beam offers, in addition to the excellent range, a great illumination which increases the safety of riders significantly. Now, approved bicycle lights offer illumination for difficult terrain, and the cyclist can more quickly perceive hanging branches, signs, junctions or poorly visible pedestrians – no matter how steep and winding the trail is! Our Supernova high beam has an extremely wide beam angle. This ensures excellent visibility of the surroundings.
Supernova uses a special high beam with an extra-large aperture angle, which provides light above the central light cone for improved illumination so that signs or hanging branches are much more visible. Standard front lights have a low beam that tilts to the side when cornering so that an essential part of the curve is no longer illuminated. The greatly increased luminosity of the Supernova high beam radiates far beyond the glare horizon and creates an excellent view of curves. This results in a much-improved illumination of the trail when cornering. Thus there is an enormous gain in safety for the cyclist.
MTBs are known to have a particular problem:  Because suspensions have a long travel and dip when you brake, the range of the front light can be reduced up to 90%. Supernova’s special high beam is optimized so that a lot of light is available above the cut-off line, so that the fork movement is compensated and the view of the path is maintained. When you ride through the city traffic to get to the trail, you can ride with the glare-free low beam. As soon as needed, you can switch on the high beam at the touch of a button.
To be equally safe like other road users when riding an S-pedelec in road traffic is difficult. If someone underestimates your speed when driving on a round-about and dismisses your right of way, you can be in a dicey situation. The M99 daytime running light eliminates such problems quickly because the very distinctive and widely recognizable gleaming, bright arcs leave no doubt that a fast road user is approaching. You then get the necessary respect, and your ride will be more relaxing!
In a fraction of a second, a light sensor automatically switches between the new daytime running light module with 12 power LEDs and the low beam. The high beam button is illuminated to indicate the respective operating status. In the 2nd generation, this front light now also has Supernova side safety lighting. Activates automatically in the dark.
The future is now! Based on scientific research by the Lichttechnical Institute at KIT and funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, the M99 introduced a lighting technology that sets completely new standards in bicycle lighting. An LED matrix, controlled intelligently and combined with a highly complex facetted mirror consisting of 99 individually calculated surfaces, is designed for unprecedented brilliance. After years of development, it has thus become possible for the first time to pack highly potent automotive technology into the miniature format of a bicycle front light.
We use aerospace aluminum for our housings because it is not only super strong but also has the best heat conduction properties. The better the cooling, the brighter the LED. In addition, the housings are anodized, salt water-resistant, and defy the most adverse conditions. Extreme tests in all seasons and climates by ultracycling athletes on the road with SUPERNOVA lighting prove their outstanding reliability and durability.
We believe in high performance with the best possible efficiency. Cooling extends the service life significantly. The most important prerequisites for an ideal heat dissipation include a careful choice of material and sophisticated construction. For example, completely uninterrupted heat dissipation can only be obtained by a housing that is made seamlessly from a single piece of aluminum. In extreme situations, integrated heat sensors keep the headlight in an optimum temperature range. With extensive computer simulations, our engineers continue to find the most appropriate way to derive the heat from the LEDs. Our more than 20 years of experience with LED front lights comes into its own here.

24 – 60 V DC

High beam: 1,600 lm, 380 lx, 32 W

Low beam: 1,100 lm, 310 lx, 16 W

Daytime running light: Genuine automotive daytime running light with distinctive light signature, with daylight sensor

Optics: M99 Matrix Reflector

Material: Anodized aluminum, black polished

Housing dimensions: 52x 87x 57.5 mm

Weight: 220 g (without cable)

Cable length: 1,400 mm universal connection cable is included, compatible with Brose, Panasonic and many other drives. 12 V rear light connection (optional cable required, see accessories).

Warranty: 5 year

Includes high beam sensor for Magura MT brakes / self-contained clamp