Vittoria Mezcal 29 x 2.25 & 2.35 TNT/TLR – Graphene 2.0 Edition (Black or Tan Walls)

Vittoria Mezcal 29 x 2.25 & 2.35 TNT/TLR – Graphene 2.0 Edition (Black or Tan Walls)

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R899.00R950.00 excl. VAT



The XCO European Champion tire

The Mezcal is the versatile all-rounder that gets you to the podium, time after time. Ride a combination of terrain? This is the choice of the pros. The Mezcal features a unique low-profile tread that is tightly spaced in the center, for low rolling resistance and durability. Countless effective edges work together to grip on a variety of terrain, while directional siping on each knob make traction in the roots and rocks. The best tires are built with the best casing and compound, and the Mezcal TNT is no exception. Using the proprietary Graphene enhanced 4C compound, the Mezcal attains the holy grail of XC tires; grip, durability, and low weight.




“My favorite tire is the Mezcal. It’s a multi-purpose tire with a rubber that offers great grip in all circumstances. I also like his fast rolling capacity and its soft sidewalls.” – Julien Absalon (BMC MTB Racing Team)

“For dry conditions, I only use the Mezcal.” – Pauline Ferrand-Prevot (2015 World XC Champion)

“The Mezcal is the absolute and most advanced tire. The knobs in the middle of the tire offer a great rolling performance and the soft sidewall give the perfect grip for fast curves. The most impressive is actually how strong this tire is despite its light weight. The tire has a good flexibility which provides both comfort and traction.” – Lukas Flückiger (BMC MTB Racing Team)


Choosing Cross Country bike tires

To ensure maximum traction and grip for your Cross Country bike it is necessary to have the right tires that guarantee high performance on trails that alternate between different types of terrain: from the most bumpy and irregular trails to the fastest and most compact ones. The tires of a cross country bike – to truly perform at their best – must provide traction and grip without compromising durability and resistance.

The tread of Cross Country mtb tires

The makeup of a cross country tire is divided into two parts: the central and the lateral knobs. The two sections of blocks perform different tasks.

The central tread facilitates rolling and stabilizes the lateral inflections of the tire, especially on firm and hard ground. The central knobs provide grip and traction without compromising the speed of the tire: being lower, they ensure easier wheel rolling.

The lateral knobs offer constant grip and secure cornering even in the more lateral parts of the tread. They are essential to tackle the most technical sections.

The best tire for a Cross Country mountain bike depends on the conditions of the terrain

A Cross Country mountain bike must be able to easily tackle different types of terrain and cross country tires for mixed terrains are ideal for trails that include clay, roots, and rocks.

The various types of knobs serve different purposes. On the most difficult and uneven terrain, the smaller knobs guarantee traction in pedaled sections; the larger central knobs provide stability in straights and bends.

To find xc mtb tires that can increase the performance of your bike, you need to know the type and conditions of the terrain you are about to tackle.

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