The Munga is a hard race. Sometimes choosing the right gear for a hard race, is harder than the race itself. How many of us sit and agonise over choosing the right tires, the right light, a light light, the right bike. What bags? Do I take a tube? Once all the kit is decided the hunt begins. Hours are spent searching online meetings in dark alley ways, speaking in hushed tones like tying to find the holy grail.

To find and acquire the right gear for the race is a conquest all on its own. Sifting through the mountains of reviews, until you stumble on that needle in that haystack, and it’s out of stock. It gets lost in the post. Your order is lost somewhere in the ether of the web.

Well fella’s, look no more! This is the most comprehensive gravel bike gear online shop, and guess what, its local. Yep right next door, literally. These guys have procured some of the finest racing and touring gear I have ever seen. I was gob smacked by the selection of exotic and rare products in the selection. If you are thinking about a bike tour, a race, if you want to ride from Alexandra to Alexandria, the Freedom Challenge. Or you want to haul-ass through the Karoo in December at The Munga, look no further.” – Alex Harris

Gravel and Tour is a Partner of the Munga, but more importantly each individual participating in this years Munga or Grit. We are there for YOU! Please contact Jack Black at 0823747273 or